What inspired you to try this?

We work in a creative industry surrounded by insanely ingenious people. Cass was obsessed with her J. Crew flannel and wanted to basically wear every day. We started to talk about those articles of clothing that you covet, and want to find new ways to make different. So, we decided to challenge ourselves and fivedaysfiveways was born. Jess and Erin found their flannel equivalents for that week and we gave it a go. We won’t lie, come Friday we have to dig DEEP to find a new way to wear it, but it’s so awesome when we look back because we end up doing something that we would have likely never tried.

And now you’ve started some kind of company around the concept?

Eh. We aren’t a company. More so just an idea in its infancy stages of what it could be.  Beta, beta, beta.  Just having fun, and hoping to inspire people to be creative and participate. It challenged us to be way more diverse and take risks with our styling than ever before.

What are your thoughts on the Boston fashion community?

Boston doesn’t get enough credit for it’s take on style and fashion.  There’s definitely not as many Bostonians taking huge fashion risks as there are in cities like New York, San Francisco, or LA.  But, that’s what makes those that do take risks stand out.  It’s kind of like how we go shopping: we’re always hunting for that perfect piece or that killer bargain—they’re hard to find, but it makes it so much more satisfying when you find those pieces.  

And for whoever says there is no style in Boston should hang around us more often because we see it all the time and draw our inspiration from our city and those funky folks in it.

Are there essentials that you have in your closet that help make this possible?

We are all about versatility. The project is all about taking anything, as seemingly restricting as a scarf, polka dot skirt or Grateful Dead t-shirt, and wearing it in 5 distinctly differently ways.  But, there are definitely pieces that are the foundation to any look. Denim shirts, printed pants, a little LBD action, a good blazer, sharp button-downs, and of course a zillion bracelets and necklaces. It’s amazing what accessories can do to an outfit, and we all love topping off a look with personal touches that make it our own. And we all – love – to- layer. The more items piled high the better. From shirts, to jewelry, to even tights and socks - the ability to have layered elements can really add unique details.

If someone wanted to try this what advice would you give?

We all love to channel an inspiration to help derive a look. So imagine one day you’re the naughty librarian, the next day you’re the hippy chick, rocker girl, cute & cozy, sophisticated, and so on. It’s that guiding persona that helps construct the outfit for the day and be able to really style it up.  We mix and match all of these on a daily basis and always laugh as we all know each other so well that we immediately call each other out.

Give it a try! Pick an item, post your daily pics and hastag it #fivedaysxfiveways to see if you can do it too! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got. We might even feature you too!