Summer Scarves

There's really nothing to complain about in the middle of summer in New England. We look forward to these three precious months all year while we trudge to work in our Bean Boots and not-so-chic down parkas. So, it's probably not fair to Mother Nature when we still complain about the hot, sticky, humid weather in the middle of July. But there's honestly nothing less attractive than walking into work as sweaty as you did walking out of the gym an hour before. Upper lip sweat? Yep. We said it. 

But then you sit in your office all day (womp womp) where the AC is cranked up as high as it can be and that sweat that was dripping down your back is essentially frozen now. Seriously, how does one dress for this, what shall we call it...Corporate Climate Change? 

The answer:  SUMMER SCARVES. 

The perfect solution to all your first world summer fashion problems. It's a chic alternative to a cardigan or sweater for when the AC unit is on "snowflake mode" or chilly nights sipping wine on a roofdeck. But the Summer Scarf is easy enough to stuff in (or tie on!) your bag for those patio lunch dates outside the office. 

Check out how Erin rocked one of her favorite summer scarves for last week 5x5 challenge. It's a fun coral, tribal print hand-me-down from her big sister and proven to be one of her favorite summer staples the past few months.  Well done Foochie! 

photo 1.JPG
photo 5.JPG