How to not be a basic bitch.

As always, we were inspired by our favorite fashion betch The Man Repeller and last week's post: "How to wear ballet flats without looking basic". We like to think we aren't really too basic when it comes to adding some funk and flair to our style choices. After all, the whole Five Days x Five Ways concept is about showing how you can take pieces and mix them up with different accessories and inspired personas. So, when The Man Repeller showed us how to wear every girl's footwear staple and not look basic while doing so, we diiiiieeeed.

And what, do you ask, is the difference between a Basic Bitch and a Basic Betch? Watch, this video, to see exactly what a Basic Bitch's hilarious and so on point.

"Borrowed some Ugg boots here and there? Experiment with North Face?"

"We know what happened in Vegas…you got drunk and danced with each other".

And then as you know, a bEtch (in our terms) is anything but basic. Ask the girls over at Betches Love This, who coined the term and whose colorful commentary on all things style, culture and media alwayyyyys have us dying in laughter.

And a betch according to 5x5 is funky and sassy and independent and empowered. She'll say it how it is and she rolls deep with other amazing women who will one day take over the world, all the while looking amazing with a killer outfit put together with an eclectic mix of styles.

So, this week's 5x5 challenge is inspired by taking basics and making them betchy. Cass is wearing a classic black J.Crew blazer, Jess is wearing a black high-neck tee, and Erin is rocking a shapeless LBD. Check us out on Instagram this week to see the whole week unfold!

Images via Pinterest.