Gem Club 5x5 Challenge: Ieva's PATCH NYC Scarf

And we're back! Recapping Ieva's 5x5 challenge with her Patch NYC scarf.  Ieva's scarf was all sorts of contradictions, which we adoooore: the autumnal shades of grey stripes with the kelly green floral patterns mixed in.  And what we love even more was obviiii Ieva's funky and eclectic take on her Five looks.  Like Kristen, Ieva pulled out all the stops--from a traditional scarf, to a shirt, headband and even a sekssssy babushka!

Day 1_Img 1.jpg

Don't forget about Gem Club's album release at the MFA on January 31--this Friday! In the meantime, you can gear up for the show by checking out Gem Club's soundcloud.

And tell us, what did you think of the Gem Club girls' 5x5 challenge domination? 

Day 2_Img 1.jpg
Day 3_Img 2.JPG
Day 4_Img 1.jpg
Day 5_Img 2.jpeg