Gem Club 5x5 Challenge: Kristen's PATCH NYC Scarf

Wowwwwie, THIS was a fun week.  If you were following along on Instagram, I think you would agree that our Gem Club friends totally crushed their 5x5 challenge.  First up we're recapping Kristen--Gem Club's very talented cellist--and her beautiful blue plaid and striped Patch NYC scarf.


Wearing the double patterned fabric around her neck, as a skirt and as an unexpected wrap shirt, Kristen clearly proved that the scarf is one of the most versatile pieces a girl can own.  Her cello even got to have some fun with it on Day 5! 

Kudos to Kristen for rocking it this week.  We love the eclectic funk you brought to the 5x5 challenge.  We can't wait to play together again sometime soon! 

Don't forget to check out Gem Club and their second album release, In Roses, at the end of the month.  They'll be playing at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston on January 31 to celebrate the release--so be sure to check it out!

And stay tuned as we finish up the Gem Club recaps with Ieva's equally-as-funky-and-fun 5x5 challenge.

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