Christmas morning is more fun with kids.

Today, Erin is comin' atcha with the FDFW Gift Guide #2 with what to get for the babies and kiddos :)

Remember how much fun the holiday season was when you still believed in Santa? Yeah, me too.  But know what’s even more fun? Being Santa. 

Now it’s your turn to channel your inner Santa too?  We put together a guide with gifts that will be sure to nail that memorable moment under the tree (whether you get the reaction from the kiddo or the baby’s mommy or daddy). So, if you’re buying for a trend-setting baby like my nephew, Miles, or one of Cass’ glamorous little girls, Piper and Clementine: here’s Five Ways to get them what them something good. The 5x5 girls are always here to make sure the little ones in your life are the coolest kids on the playground :)

1. Bla Bla doll.  They aren't cheap for a stuffed animal, but they are so well-made, soft and adored by little kids.  They go perfectly in pretty much any nursery.

2. Patterned winter snowsuit.  And basically anything else from Mini Rodini.  Perfect for a white Christmas.  *Snow not included with snowsuit :( wahhhh.


3. Overalls.  We're 80's and 90's kids--so overalls were a part of our daily uniforms.  Thus all the babies in our lives will also be overall kids. Corduroys? Even better.

4. This tent.  Jess found this amazing mobile-home slash tent slash fort.  Do they make it big enough for adults?


5. Wooden rocking moose.  I'm a snob: I really can't stand plastic big-branded toys with gross superheroes and cartoon character stickers.  I'm also a sucker: for adorable well-made wooden toys.  The Swedes get it right (as always, sigh) with this IKEA rocking moose.  Adorable.