5x5 Gift Guide: Best Friends & Sisters

Our first Holiday Gift Guide!  This December, the 5x5 girls will be chiming in with Five Ways (ha. see what we did there?) to gift for all the special people in your life.  First up will be Erin shedding some light on what to get for your main betch this Chrismukkah season.  

So, you’re buying for your sister, best-friend or roommate?  Let me guess, she’s the girl who has everything and has incredibly specific taste? Believe me, I’ve been there. My go-to tip: get her something cute and trendy that she'd never buy for herself.  That doesn't mean get her something that's not "her"—but pick out something that she would consider a treat to have.  She'll be excited that you thought of her with the trend, and she'll always think of you each time she uses or wears the gift.  And I think that's part of the magic behind gift-giving…making friends feel good and making memories. Oh aaaand getting lots of cool new stuff and shopping :) 

1. Fancy yoga pants. They’re too expensive to justify buying for herself, but lusted over by every active girl.


2. A funky clutch. You can't wear fun, wild accessories repeatedly the same way you can rock 1 black handbag over and over again.  So get her something that she can throw into the mix every once and a while to spice it up.  I am loving this hot pink piece, myself.


3. Hostess accessories. If you don't play hostess much, it can sometimes be hard to rationalize spending a lot on platters, trays, dishes or coasters.  So get her something that will make her excited to host guests for dinner cocktail(s) parties.  Oh and make sure to invite us—we love ourselves a good cheese platter and Pinot Noir with friends. 


4. Slouchy beanies!  My favorite. Can't have enough of these bad boys.  Perfect for those cold New England winters and even better to cover up bad hair days when you wake up freezing and just can't bring yourself to wash your hair. Admit it, you've been there too. 


5. Her own personal lipstick color. Ok, this is a gamble—because I honestly have never tried this stuff.  But I am beyond intrigued.  It's a Henna lipstick that contains a special dye that reacts to the pH balance and temperature of your lips.  In turn, this reaction causes the color to turn a pinky-reddish hue that looks a little bit different on everyone.  So it would be like her own personal, unique shade of lipstick.  Oh—and it's $3.86 on eBay.  #brokegirlproblems solved.  Check out how it works on one of my favorite blogs, The Daybook.


Check back this weekend as we bring you more gift-guides for all those special peeps in your life.