Kicking off Keds Week

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.14.35 PM.png

Today we are kicking off our Keds Week Collaboration with a little eye-candy for inspiration.  This week we’re thinking we'll rock a little bit of everything: shorts, skirts, tights, socks, black and white, bright colors…ohhh the possibilities that come with these little canvas sneaks. Oh and if you haven’t already figured it out, we could not be more excited for our first footwear partnership.  Most fans already know that we fancy ourselves to be quite the #sneakerheads, and our love for Keds is no exception to that obsession. 

This week we’ll be joined by a familiar face to our fans with our friend Erin Butner (“EB”).  EB crushed it during our Fourth of July Week and we are so pumped that she’ll be joining in on the fun again.  And (of course we can't forget) we’re back with Luke behind the camera.  So, with these 2 creative brains behind the scenes, the art direction is sure to be off thaaa charts!

As always, check out our daily outfits on Instagram and check back this week for more Keds fun and our outfit recaps.

[Images via Pinterest & logo by Allie Hughes/Erin Butner]