National Jean Company Week: Linds(ae)y's Recap

Recapping last week’s collaboration week with National Jean Company and Lindsay and Lindsey.


Lindsay Merowitz donned a Tobey Grey LBD for the 5x5 challenge and proved that this staple item is, of course, one of the most versatile pieces a girl can own. The skater style makes it easy to dress up or down and we love how Lindsay mixed it up with different tights & spandex for some serious layering.

Lindsey McCarthy sprinkled a little Sporty Spice into the week rocking a navy blue Abbot bomber jacket from NJC.  We love how she paired it with skinny pants and killer accessories to really complete the looks: hidden wedge sneakers, retro sunnies, bling necklaces and Peter Pan collars.  This girl has got some steeeeeze.

Head over to National Jean Company to check out these hot hot hot items. Locations in Newton, Boston and Wellesley.

Thanks again for joining us girls.  We can’t wait to play again sometime soon!

[All photos by Megan O’Connell]

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