National Jean Company Week: Erin's Recap

Today we’re recapping Erin’s 5x5 collaboration challenge with National Jean Company.


She took on the challenge with a pair of Genetic Denim destroyed skinnies—and it proved to be much more difficult than she expected!  Erin is errr…vertically challenged :) so she was forced to rock her signature cuffed ankles.  And she really whipped out the big guns this week rocking a heel 3 out of the 5 day challenge—putting her summer ban on heels to rest!

If you wanna embrace this trend like it’s 2003, head over to National Jean Company to pick up a pair of flattering distressed skinnies that’ll look much better than your A&F distressed, paint-splattered flares looked at your high school homecoming dance.  We promise.

[photos by Luke Perkins & Erin Butner]

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